It does not take much to know that most of the people that we see living in the streets are old folks. You do not need to be observant to notice this either. What is worst and disconcerting is the number of people ignoring them.

Last Illumination Mutual Bond

I think at least once we are all guilty by this. We can come up with a number of reasons why this is happening. At the top of my head, I am thinking about their families. With family, I do not only mean close and distant relatives but including friends and acquaintances. If someone really cares for them, they will not end up in the streets. If someone really wants to make a difference, there will be less of them scattered in the streets.

If someone really wants to make a difference Being Ungrateful

I think that one way or another it can be traced back to your family. No matter what age or condition you are in, you still need to be loved, treated with the highest regard of respect and well taken care of at all times. That when we were young, our parents did everything they could just to raise us to be the best that we can be.

Patient Escape

When we get older, we leave the house to stand on our own but they still check on us from time to time just to make sure that we are doing alright. Then, there will come a time that we need to return the favor not only to our own children but to our elderly. That just like the way they treat us when we were young, we also need to reciprocate the same or greater amount of love to them.

Weapon To Carry On Twelve Ounces of Desolation reciprocate the same or greater amount of love to them

With all these being said, I give props to everyone who are working hard to take care of the older generation to the best of their abilities. That almost everyday they get up from their beds to tend to the needs of their patients. That they do everything they can even though they are not related to the ones that depend on them.


Most importantly, I commend those who do it not for the money but just the pure joy of knowing that they have helped someone. Yes, I am talking about care aides, nurses, volunteers, care home workers and everyone else of their kind. They might not have wings like angels or powers like superheroes but all I know is that they are a bunch worth surrounding ourselves with.

Call Upon The Heavens the pure joy of knowing that they helped someone

i might call this a profiling game
just putting things under one frame
where this will take us, i don't know
if you're ready then off we go
sit back, relax and go with the flow

a touque or a cap worn on my head
after a run will be sweat drenched
if i forget to bring a towel
i just let it rip and drip
my shirt should do the trick

i wear plaid shirts from time to time
ironed or not, it just doesn't matter
like miley cyrus' song: the climb
i would rather grind on the sidewalk gutter

i prefer denim pants over shorts
doing this high-risk contact sport
wooden and conrete ramps everyday i face
no pain, no gain is my common catch phrase

countless options are available for shoes
my clear favourite from the bunch are vans
i like them just right, not too loose
use them anywhere even in Paris, France
or when they tell you to shut up and dance

we have come to the end of the segment
a worldwide craze, no longer just a trend
the previous lines contain obvious clues
and it's up to you what answer you produce

if you say skater or skate, then that's great
you can guess as many times up until eight
get out there and take part in our revolution
let's break the mould and be part of the solution!

The Lost Boys

It has been said that once we mature or grow up, we stop playing. We start to mind and be conscious of how we carry ourselves; how we handle situations at different levels of pressure and stress. We also receive heavier responsibilities along the way. There might also be times when we are told to "Grow Up" when we are acting like a little child.

It seems that some people in our society wants us to act appropriately with our age. I agree but not totally. There is nothing wrong being a child sometimes as long as you do not forget your responsibilities as an adult. When we stop playing, that is when our life gets dull. When we try so hard and forget to have fun sometimes, that is when the stress becomes unbearable. If we try mess around with our ideas like we do when we were still young, there is a bigger chance to discover a new way of doing things. As we get older, sometimes we tend to stick to what we know.

Hopefully, this article might serve as a reminder to all of us to not forget to play, act like children and have fun every once in a while like the Lost Boys of Neverland. We were all kids once and it just needs some digging to find and bring out the kid in us again.

frowning Emery coming out of bumblebee Pikachu standing Emery side view bulldozer with a phone riding a horse bubbles close-up bubbles zoom out rockstar sword